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16-bit ALU Design in VHDL using Verilog N-bit Adder

Last time, I introduced the N-bit adder design in Verilog, which is a part of an 16-bit ALU design I will present today. The 16-bit ALU is a core combinational component of the processing unit in the co-processor I introduced in the previous post.

Full VHDL code for 16-bit ALU together with testbench will be presented in this VHDL project. 

VHDL code for 16-bit ALU

N-bit Adder Design in Verilog

The next Verilog/ VHDL project is a complete co-processor specially designed for cryptographic applications. The co-processor has standard instructions and dedicated function units specific for security. The co-processor is implemented mainly in VHDL, but the N-bit Adder is designed in Verilog. The Verilog code for the N-bit Adder will be instantiated later in a VHDL design. In next posts, implementations of major modules in the co-processor will be presented. The complete co-processor design and implementation will be presented after every part of the co-processor is posted.

This post presents Verilog code for N-bit Adder designed for the co-processor. The Verilog code for N-bit Adder is done by using Structural Modeling. 

Verilog code for N-bit Adder using Structural modeling