Digilent Inc to become Hardware Sponsor for FPGA4Student

July 3, 2020: Digilent Inc to become a Hardware sponsor for FPGA4student from FPGA boards to a wide range of FPGA peripherals such as camera, sensors, wifi module, bluetooth module, etc.

Digilent FPGA sponsor for FPGA4student

This is obviously a great news for students and professionals around the world visiting FPGA4student on daily basic. On behalf of our visitors and followers, FPGA4Student would like to send millions thanks to Digilent Inc for the generous support. 

FPGA Nexys 7
Digilent Nexys A7 FPGA Board

FPGA4student also would like to thank Digilent for the great suggestion over the use of two FPGA boards (Nexys A7 and Arty S7). These two boards perfectly fit our upcoming projects, which are dedicated for students and FPGA hobbyists. Following are the Digilent hardware that would be using along with these FPGA boards for our upcoming projects also listed below. 
1. Pmod DA2: Two 12-bit D/A Outputs
2. Pmod OLEDrgb: 96 x 64 RGB OLED Display with 16-bit color resolution
3. Arty S7 Pmod Pack (Pmod VGA: Video Graphics Array, Pmod MIC3: MEMS Microphone,Pmod AMP2: Audio Amplifier)
5. Zybo Pmod Pack (Pmod ALS: Light Sensor, Pmod BT2: Bluetooth , Pmod RTC: Real-time Clock, PMOD-TMP3 Temperature Sensor)
6. Pmod WiFi: WiFi Interface 802.11g
7. Pcam 5C: 5 MP Fixed Focus Color Camera Module

FPGA Interfacing with PCamera 5C

Following are exciting FPGA projects to be published on FPGA4STUDENT:

1. OLED RGB Interfacing with FPGA
2. On-Screen Display with DDR Memory Controller + VGA Controller
3. Computer interfacing with FPGA via USB-UART interface
4. Signal Generator with FPGA (+DAC PMOD and displaying waveform on PC via USB Oscilloscope)
5. Ethernet Interfacing with FPGA
6. Microphone interfacing with FPGA (Audio Output)
7. Real-Time Clock/Calendar with FPGA (displaying on OLED/VGA)
8. Temperature Sensor Interfacing with FPGA (displaying on OLED)
9. Bluetooth Interfacing with FPGA
10. Light Detection with FPGA
11. I2C interface on FPGA
12. SPI interface on FPGA
13. HDMI Interfacing with FPGA
14. Wifi Interfacing with FPGA
15. Real Time Image processing on FPGA (with Digilent PCAM 5C)

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